Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We love the Snow, its so pretty, and it helped to cheer us up after all our Earthquakes, the Children sure had fun around the city.

We LOVE having a proper working toilet, INSIDE the house, after having to use the Long Drop and then the Chemical toilet since the February Quake !!

We are just so darn grateful, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou city council workmen type drainage workers, who have been working night and day to fix our water pipes and sewers

We are grateful that our roof only leaks a little bit still, after the earthquakes, and that the snow is only leaking thru in a few places as it melts - i have to keep mopping it up and moving the buckets around.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

We have SNOW !!! OH wow, first 8,127 earthquakes, now snow

Pinky and Bluey have got their makeshift sled and have set out to find Goofy, he went out to make a snowman, and fell into a Crevasse !!!

I see a NOSE, must be goofy, hold on goofy we are coming
The Girls have spotted Goofy in the crevasse, he is trying to climb out, but keeps slipping in deeper
Oh no Goofy !!!
Help, Goofy is so COLD, the girls have got to him, "we were meant to be having fun, Goofy, not having you fall into a crevasse"
Goofy is sinking FAST !! Help, - "Hold on goofy we can nearly reach you"

Goofy being rescued

Pinky and Bluey have reached Goofy, ready to pull him out

Monday, April 11, 2011

We Have Survived !! * * ~ * * We are Alive !!

Well we have survived 6.284 Quakes so far !!  And it is tiring, one never really ever becomes free from the anxiety that every quake, shake, rattle and roll creates.

The House became broken this time, But, !!! she can be repaired !!

I am still working on repairing myself

Very grateful for having water out of a tap again, very grateful for not having to boil the water any more, even tho it tastes AWFUL

Very grateful for having electricity again

We are counting our prayers,
Thankful for life, and  the sun is shining today, as Winter slowly arrives

Thankyou Mother

  PS: We would love to have a Proper working superMarket please !!
and the sewrage fixed - getting tired of dealing with the chemical toilet
Many thanks

Friday, January 7, 2011

WytchWood garden Adventure

Pinky, Goofy and Bluey have had ANOTHER exciting Adventure - you can see it - * * here * *

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Miss Dazzle Dangly seeks Mate!!

I fell in love with Mr Dangly, and i thought he looked lonely, so i made him a friend - Ta Da !!! Drum Roll please - the one and only Miss dazzle Dangly is lounging seductively batting her pretty eyes. Mr Dangly can be found  * - here - *  isn't he so cute !!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A very Special Christmas Gift

I finished a little Farm Yard Set of animals for my very special little boy - 2 quacking Ducks, 1 talkative Chicken, a very friendly Goose, Mama Pig, Papa Pig and Baby Pig, Mr and Mrs Sheep, Little Miss Cow, and the Farm Horse. They all belong to Mr Farmer, so now he is very happy

Mr Farmer is so happy with his Farm Animals.

Mr Farmer is so happy that he is lying down in bliss and dreaming of lots of Hay Stacks. The animals are not quite sure if he is alright in the head, but they like him anyway

Everybody says goodbye to Mr Farmer

Pinky, Goofy and Bluey say goodbye to their Friend, he is all buttoned up and ready to travel to the farmyard.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Extra Special Reader Appreciation Giveaway

A New Giveaway, the Adorable little  ***** Miss Pink Bear ***** with her little basket of flowers and her Sunday best bonnet
All knitted by me,  and you can win her for ** FREE ** by going here and finding out what you have to do -
Good Luck !!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

SHAKEN and very definitely STIRRED

Oh dear ........   ( fill in your own deity here )
We are so tired of the earthquakes, we have had  - #1632  - so far, other people call them "Aftershocks", but hell they feel like earthquakes to me, after all the earth is quakeing right?

WE survived !!! We are extremely thankful, our little home is still standing, our roads were ripped up and some were closed, the river at the end of the drive rose up out of its bed and tried to invade us. The road tried to swallow us.

We were woken up  to a house shaking  violently in a tremor that seemed to go on  for ages. The jolting and shaking was like being on a merry-go-round inside the bloody washing machine. And the noise, everything cracked and jangled, rumbled and roared. It was dark, it was so violent that all i could do, was hold onto the side of the bed, to stop being thrown out onto the floor. I couldn't have got out off it even if i had tried. I decided that, HELL, it was safer to stay where i was. I grabbed my cell phone noted the time was 4:38am and was so grateful that i could use it as a light so that i could see the damage before i even moved.

Items were strewn everwhere. BUT the children were alive ! and ok ! Wonderful, Fantastic. No bleeding bodies, no broken bones. 

No electricity, so no lights, no radio, no news,  ____ Just how bad was everything,  very scary ____

Yay, my cell phone had a radio thingy that i had never used, and we all sat in bed and tried to find a station that would tell us what the hell had happened.

Finally got one, had to drag on for ages listening to some twit twittering on about god knows what, i kept saying " we're dying here, for god's sake give us some friggin NEWS"

We had a dribble of water out of the tap on the first day,  that was it, !!! - so,  between picking our way thru broken glass, plates, my homemade jam and preserves ( Yes I AM an old fashioned type of girl), that had decided to kamikaze onto the floor, we filled up empty plastic fizzy drink bottles with tap water moving at a   dribbles pace.

Finally dragged the gas camping stove out and boiled some water and had a nice cup of tea.  Then said ok, everyone back to bed, its too dark to do anything. We were cold. I think shock had set in.

Daylight came and damage became real. OMG.

No water, No toilet, No electricity for 6 days

ok i need to say that again O.M.G 

Now a month has gone by, with all the large 4:50mag and 5:00 + mag "aftershocks"  we are ok , but
the toll on people, however, is indescribable. Everyone is exhausted, physically and mentally shattered.  Nerves are frayed and the feeling of panic and dread is a constant companion. The merest rumble is enough to make us stop in our tracks, hearts racing, poised for flight.  Sleep is fleeting, waking in wild-eyed heart racing panic 3 or 4 times a night to fling ourselves under the nearest door frame, wondering if this is finally the promised 6. mag something  aftershock that will smash the rest of our glass and china and topple what’s left of the city’s heritage buildings. Once awake it’s impossible to get back to sleep, adrenalin keeping every fibre alert, poised ready to grab what is most precious as we escape the shuddering house again… .  We make light of it to family and friends who call, concerned, from the West Coast and Australia, ( you know who you are - xxx) - offering beds in other cities, but life feels fragile and hysteria is very close to the surface. And sometimes i feel like a nervous wreck.

Many thanks for your time

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A New Giveaway - Little Farm Set

A new Giveaway,  ***** A little Farm Yard Set *******  all knitted by me and you can win this for **FREE** by going here  and finding out what you have to do  Good Luck

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Goofy Got The Cake

Hmmmm, I see you Goofy, take it easy, You will share that around won't you ?

Some for everyone

What a happy day

Goofy spies a Chocolate Cake

Oh NO !! Goofy has seen the Chocolate Cake, Quick call Chocoholics anonymous !!!
Good Job Pinky !!!        What a steady hand you have, well done

A nice Cup of Tea

Pinky is going to pour, everybody is soooooo hungry, but, ------ they are being very well behaved, ( as they always are)

Afternoon Tea Time

We all need a good cup of Tea and mum has especially made us one !!!

Ar'nt we Lucky !! Sandwiches and Cakes

Monday, May 17, 2010

Little Fish come to visit

Hi, we are the Ten little Guys from   --    ( quick whisper amongst selves - "where are we from again?)

Ahhmmm. (clears throat)," We are from Mum's crochet hook"

"Brand New !!" just babies, a wee bit lonely, looking for a new friends.

Love U lots X X X